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If you are a master student looking for an internship or master thesis project at the von Karman Institute with my group, please check the list of proposed topics here.
For more information on how to apply to the Short Training Program (STP), check this.
For the Research Master (RM) check this.
PhD Students

  • Fiorini, D. (2018-ongoing), Gas-Liquid Interface Dynamics in Non-Isothermal Sloshing: Experimental Analysis and Simplified Modeling, PhD Thesis at KU Leuven University, co-supervised with Prof. D. Seveno and Prof. J. Steelant.

  • Pino, F. (2019-ongoing), Feedback Control of Liquid Metal Coating, PhD thesis at ULB, Université Libre de Bruxelles, co-supervised with Prof. Benoit Scheid.

  • Fiore, M. (2019-ongoing), Thermal turbulence modelling for low Prandtl number fluid flows via data analysis and machine learning, PhD Thesis at UCL, Louvain University, Belgium, co-supervised with Dr. L. Koloszar and Prof. Y. Bartosiewicz.

  • Barreiro, D. (2018-ongoing), Numerical models for the simulation of gas-liquid flows in the galvanization process, PhD Thesis at UDC, University of A Coruña, Spain, co-supervised with Prof. A. Gosset.

  • Poletti, R. (2019-ongoing), Real Time Optimization of bio-inspired wings using the deformable overset method and machine learning, PhD Thesis at UGent, Ghent University, Belgium, co-supervised with Dr. L. Koloszar, Prof. J. van Beeck and Prof. J. Degroote

  • Marques, P. (2021- ongoing), Thermo-fluid Dynamics of Cryogenic Liquid Storage: Modelling and Experiments, PhD Thesis at ULB, co-supervised with Prof. B. Scheid and Dr. Simonini

  • van Den Berghe J. (2021-ongoing), Reconciling engineering models of ejectors with experiments and CFD using physics-informed
    machine learning, PhD Thesis at UCL. co-supervised with Prof. Yann Bartosiewicz

Research Master Students


  • Schena, L. (RM 2020-2021), Control of a Wind Turbine using Machine Learning techniques, Cosupervised with W. Munters, E. Gyllis and S. Buckhingam.

  • Calado, A. (RM 2021-2022), CFD-Driven, Self-Calibration of Reduced Order Models for Flapping Aerodynamics. Co-supervised with R. Poletti and L. Koloszar

  • Sperotto, P. (RM 2021-2022) A meshless method to compute pressure fields from 2D and 3D PIV/PTV fields, co-supervised with Goncalo Cruz and Dr. Simonini.

  • Ahizi, S. (RM 2021-2022), Hybrid turbulence modelling with Machine learning. Co-Supervised with M. Fiore and L. Koloszar
Short Training Program (Undergraduate) Students

  • Meneghella, D., (STP 2021-2022), Experimental analysis of linear and non-linear sloshing in cryogenic fluids with damping estimation. Co supervised with Pedro Marques and Dr. Simonini
  • Giacopino, R. (STP 2020-2021), Development of Machine Learning Methods for Flow Control (T/N), Cosupervised with F. Pino

  • Gamba, G. (STP 2021-2022), Development of a Finite Volume Code for Simulating Liquid Films Instabilities in hot-Dip Galvanization. Co-supervised with F. Pino

  • Delbeque, L. (STP 2021-2022) Modelling of Supersonic Ejectors using Machine Learning and 1D Gas Dynamics, co-supervised with J. van Den Berghe.

  • Rigutto, D. (STP 2021-2022), Scaling Analysis and Design of the Laboratory Model of a Hot Dip Galvanizing Line. Co-Supervised with M. Delsipee
  • Monteiro, F. (STP 2021-2022), Cryogenic non-isothermal sloshing for space application. Co supervised with Pedro Marques and Dr. Simonini
  • Fonsdituri, G. (STP 2021-2022), Analysis and tuning of a data-driven algebraic model for the turbulent heat flux using Artificial Neural Networks. Co supervised with M. Fiore and L. Koloszar
  • Fiore, M. (STP 2021-2022), Experimental characterization of subcooled flow boiling in 3D printed minichannels, Co Supervised with M.T. Scelzo
  • A. Scarponi( STP 2021-2022), Development of modeling tools for in-space refueling strategies, Co Supervised with A. Simonini and J. Pinho
Previous Projects

Here’s a list of student who have worked with me for their Short Training program (STP), Research Master (RM) or Advanced Research Orientation (ARO).

  • Schena, L, ARO 2020-2021, Flow Control of Liquid Metal coatings.

  • Merhaben, C., (STP 2020-2021) Advanced Surrogate Modeling of Gas-Surface Interaction for Hypersonic Re-entry, co-supervised with Dr. A. Turchi and Prof. T. Magin.

  • Sperotto, P. (STP 2020-2021), A Meshless Method to Measure Pressure Fields from Image Velocimetry via Radial Basis Functions, co-supervised with Prof. Pieraccini. Master Thesis at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

  • Conti, L., (STP 2020-2021), Analysis of non-linear wave propagation mechanisms in a Mach 3 jet using time-resolved schlieren data and machine-learning techniques, co-supervised with Prof. Schram and Prof. Pieraccini. Master Thesis at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

  • Ivanova, T. (RM 2020-2021), Physics-based and Data-driven Modelling of Nonlinear Waves in Liquid Films. co-supervised with F. Pino.

  • Sala, R. (RM 2020-2021), Nowcasting for wind turbines applications with a machine-learning approach. Co-supervised with Dr. Buckingham.

  • Marques, P. (RM 2020-2021), Experimental Characterization and Modeling of non-Isothermal Sloshing. Co-supervised with Ir. Peveroni and Dr. Simonini.

  • Van Der Berghe, J. (RM 2020-2021), Transient Analysis of Supersonic Ejectors using 1D Gas Dynamics and Deep Learning. Co-supervised with Dr. Diaz.

  • Gkimisis, L. (RM 2020-2021), Data-Driven Modelling for Space Debris Degradation. Co-supervised with Dr. Diaz, Dr. A. Turchi and Prof. T. Magin

  • Ratz, M. (STP 2020) Experimental Analysis of the Contact Line Dynamics using Optical Techniques and Inverse Methods, STP2020, co-supervised with Prof. Cierpla. Master Thesis at TU Ilmenau, Germany.

  • Deseau, J. (STP 2020) Feedback Control of Liquid Sloshing in Cylindrical Reservoirs, STP2020, co-supervised with Prof. Johan Steelant. Master Thesis at KU Leuven.

  • Desmet, M. (STP 2020) Reinforcement Learning for Active Flow Control, co-supervised with F. Pino. STP 2020.

  • Anfuso, E. (RM 2019-2020), An investigation of the dynamics of plasma jet flows using data driven modal analysis, co-supervised with Simon Demange, Andrea Fagnani, Francisco Torres-Herrador.

  • Kovalcsik, A. (RM 2019-2020), Experimental Analysis of Dynamic Contact Lines, co-supervised with Domenico Fiorini and Alessia Simonini.

  • Marques, P.A. (STP 2019-2020), Model-based Scaling Laws for the Non-Isothermal Sloshing Problem, co-supervised with Alessia Simonini and Prof. L. Eça. Master Thesis at Instituto Superior Técnico de Lisboa, Portugal.

  • Lorenzo, S. (STP 2019-2020), Implementation and Comparative Analysis of Machine Learning methods for the closed-loop control of fluid flows, co-supervised with Fabio Pino and Prof. Pieraccini. Master Thesis at Politecnico di Torino, Italy.

  • van den Berghe, J. (STP 2019-2020), Neural Network Models of Turbulent Wall Pressure Spectra, co-supervised with Joachim Dominique and Prof. M. Runacres. Master Thesis at Vrije Universiteit Brussel, Belgium.

  • Theo, K, Implementation of iterative Multigrid and Window Deformation Schemes in the OpenPIV Python Package (STP), VKI SR 2020-05.

  • Moreira Da Luz, Comparison between CFD and experimental results of the sloshing rising wave in a microgravity environment (STP), Master Thesis at Linköping University VKI SR 2019-36.

  • Ninni, D., MODULO: A package for Multiscale Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (ARO), TN223-2020.

  • Ninni, D., Development of a software package for the integral modelling of the jet wiping process, Master Thesis at the University of Bari (STP), Italy, STP SR 2019-22.

  • Senman, O., Instantaneous PIV & PTV measurements in dusty highly-swirled flow (RM), VKI PR 2018-18.

  • Mutafchiev, M., Low Order Modeling of Numerical and Experimental Data (STP), VKI SR 2017-42.

  • Barreiro, D., URANS-VOF Simulation of the Free Drag-out and the Jet Wiping Process (STP), VKI SR 2017-27.

  • Enache, A., Flow control in the jet wiping process (RM), VKI PR 2017. Confidential

  • Paoli. L., Numerical Simulation and Development of a Flow Control Method for Oscillating Impinging Gas jets (STP), Master Thesis at the University of Pisa, Italy, VKI SR 2017-34.

  • Zohreh, A.,N., Transposition of a 1D Model for Oscillating Jet Flow to Wind Turbine Wake Meandering (STP), VKI SR 2017-30.

  • Resende, D., Time-Resolved PIV and flow visualization laboratory for impinging jet flows( STP), VKI SR 2017-11.

  • Zdybal, K., POD and DMD Decomposition of Numerical and Experimental Data (STP), VKI SR 2016-28.

  • Dumoulin, D., Numerical Characterization of an Oscillating Impingig Jet Flow (STP), VKI SR 2016-2.

  • Di Nardo, M., Numerical characterization of confinement-driven jet flow instabilities (STP), VKI SR 2016-06.

  • Scelzo, M.T., Flow Control of Confinement-Driven Oscillation of Impinging Jets (RM),VKI PR 2016-24.

  • Scarpeccio, I., Experimental characterization of confinement driven instabilities of a slot jet impinging on a flexible membrane (STP), Master Thesis at the University of Ancona, Italy, VKI SR 2015-49.

  • Adelchi, J., Wire Coating (RM), VKI PR 2015.

  • Németh, L., Experimental Investigation of Falling Liquid Films (STP), Master Thesis at the Budapest University of Technology, Hungary, VKI SR 2015-09.

  • Biler, H., Characterization of Gas Jet Impinging on Liquid Film (STP),VKI SR 2014-24.

  • Martinez, H.A., Experimental Characterization of a Turbulent Plane (STP), VKI SR 2014-01.

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